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A'ight... so...  This group is showing a surprising lack of pictures.

I shall endeavor to help by posting one of mine!
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It's true, we need more pics :)
Of course, I've seen that one before :P
And I still like the blue hair!
Well of COURSE you've seen it... I don't think I'm capable of not showing off a good picture of myself. heh.
Haha you copied me with the blue hair XD
Actually, that blue hair pic was from last summer.
Your fursona hair color doesn't match :(
Would you believe me if I said blue was my "normal" color, and purple was just for furry-cons?
Well that depends on which furry cons. Cuz I know I would've remembered seeing purple hair, that kinda stands out. Now blue hair... blue hair is just too common at thos sorts of things to stand out :P
See now, I've been seeing too much purple hair at furry cons as of late... Alas, I fear it has become passé.
Ah I must've missed the change in trends since anthrocon last year.
Finally someone posts some new pics. :p
Now that I have a camera phone with an SD card, I need to get around to taking some new ones.
On a side note, yay for metalic blue hair! I could never quite get mine to that shade of blue :(
Yes, we demand more pics of you! ^_^
*Grrrrr* I( love the blue hair, and you are quite the stud! Glad I already have you on my friend list, next time i come to chicago I will bribe Drake into actually letting me meet you! *licks*